Tailoring Training to Scheduled Caste & Backward Classes Widows/Destitute Women/Girls

Welfare Of Scheduled Castes And Backward Classes Deptt, Haryana


No. 6820-SW-I-75/21055 – Whereas it is expedient to grant stipend to the widows belonging to Scheduled Castes in the Haryana State for Tailoring Training in the Community Centre.

Now, therefore, the Governor of Haryana is pleased to make the following rules :-

Short titles

  • These rules may be called the “Rules for the award of stipend in the Community Centres of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes, Department.
  • They shall come into force from the date of their publication in the Haryana Government Gazette.
  • They shall be applicable to all the Scheduled Caste widows under training in the Community Centre controlled by the Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes, Department, Haryana.
  • 20 girls/widows/destitute women from SC community and 5 from BC community are given training in each community centre.


  • “Government” means Administrative Department of the Haryana Government.
  • “Director” means the Director, Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes Haryana.
  • “Centre” means Community Centers run by the Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes Department Haryana.
  • “Head of Institution” means the Lady Social Worker of the Institution working in the Community Centre.
  • “Trainee” means Scheduled Caste widow and divorced or destitute women under training in the Community Centre.
  • “Widow” means Scheduled Caste women husband is not alive and she has not remarried.
  • “Committee” means the Committee consisting of District Welfare Officer and Lady Social Worker for the selection of candidates.
  • “Deserted or divorced women” means a woman who is not having conjugal rights with her husband for the first 2 years.


The object of awarding stipends to the trainees under training in the Community Centre is to make them capable of earning their livelihood.

Eligibility for Stipend

A Scheduled Caste widow/girl or a divorced/deserted woman undergoing a training in Tailoring at the Community Centre of the Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes Department will be eligible to receive a sum of Rs. 100/- per mansum as stipend or any amount as given by State Government from time to time for this purpose.

Rate of stipends

Stipends to the trainees shall be awarded at the rate of Rs. 100/- per mensum subject to availability of funds. The stipends are admissible for one course only. Rates and the manner of awarding stipends are subject to change as approved by the Government from time to time.

Sanctioning Authority

All the stipends under the rules shall be awarded by the concern Distt, welfare officer.

Condition and mode of grant of stipend during leave of various kind

A trainee shall submit an application to the District Welfare Officer concerned through the Lady Social Worker concerned on a plain paper within the time limit as prescribed or notified by the Department from time to time. The application should be accompanied by a certificate signed by the member of the village Panch/ Sarpanch to this effect that the applicant is a Harijan Widow or a deserted/divorced woman.

Stipends shall be payable during the following periods only:-

  • All days of attendance.
  • Sundays, second Saturday and sanctioned Holidays except those intervening or combined with the period of absence or unauthorized leave.
  • Days of ordinary leave of not more than six working days at one time and fourteen working days in an academic year. If any period of absence exceeds these limits no stipend shall be payable for the excess period.
  • Days of sick leave not exceeding six working days at one time and thirty working days in an academic year.

The head of the institution will be responsible to keep a register of leave for the purpose of these rules and preserve leave applications in support thereof.

A certificate in the following form signed by the Head of the Institution shall accompany the bill of stipends:-

  • Certified that the trainees on whose account the amount is being drawn actually attended the institution regularly and is not in receipt of any scholarship’s /Stipend’s from any other source during the said period.
  • Stipend once sanctioned will be applicable for the full length of training period subject to the conditions laid down in these rules.
  • After the stipend has been sanctioned by the Director or any officer subordinate to him to whom such powers has been delegated the stipend will be drawn on a monthly bill by the District Welfare Officer concerned and disbursed promptly to the trainees.

Forfeiture of stipends

Indiscipline, gross, mis-conduct, laziness, irregularity in attendance and anti-social activities may lead to forfeiture of stipends.

Stipend shall lapse if not received by the trainee within one month from the date of drawl. It shall stand forfeited in the event of:-

  • Death of the trainee.
  • The trainee remaining absent without leave,
  • Ordinary leave for more than six days at a time or fourteen days in an academic year
  • Medical leave for more than six days at a time or more than thirty days in an academic year. Lapsed or forfeited stipend(s) shall immediately be reported by the Head of the Institution to the sanctioning authority with reasons for lapse or forfeiture.

Recovery of stipends

The amount of stipend to a trainee shall immediately be refundable by her if she fails to complete the training course. However this clause shall not be applicable in the case of trainee who get herself married during the training period.

ward of sewing Machine

On the satisfactory completion of three months Training course, each trainee will be awarded a new sewing machine free of cost by Government, so that she may be-able to earn her livelihood.

Commissioner & Secretary to Government,
Haryana, Social Welfare Department.