Scheme of Hostels For Other Backward Classes (OBC) Boys And Girls


This is a 50:50 sharing basis scheme of Government of India/State Government.

Even after 50 years of independence and in spite of various measures taken to improve the level of education in the country, literacy levels among Backward classes, particularly among women, continues to be extremely low. A number of steps have already been taken by the government and considerable progress has been achieved in improving the level of literacy and education during the last 50 years, but there is still a long way to go before respectable levels of literacy are achieved. It has been recognized that educational and economic support for Backward Classes has not been adequate and there is disparity between them and the non- backward sections of the population at every level. In view of the same, it is felt that earnest efforts are required to introduce various new schemes specifically for these target group i.e backward classes to provide them a level playing field in comparison to non-backward sections of the population. The position of women in terms of literacy among OBC’s population is also a cause of concern. Considering the important role of women in shaping the size of the family and outlook of its members, investment in improving education among women of these communities will not only improve their social and economic status, but will also help in accelerating the socio-economic development of these communities and the nation as a whole. It is self-evident and universally accepted fact that education is one of the key instruments of effective development of weaker sections. The education facilities are not evenly distributed throughout the country. Many a times students from rural areas especially those belonging to weaker sections have to give up their educational pursuits for the reason that adequate hostel facilities are not available for them in the quality education centers. Having considered this problem the Working Group on development and welfare of Backward Classes recommended a scheme of Hostels for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) Boys and Girls.


The Scheme aims at proving better education opportunities to students belonging to socially and educationally backward classes notified as such in the Central/State/UT Administration Lists of Backward Classes, generally referred to as Other Backward Classes (OBCs). It would , however not cover students belonging to the creamy layer as defined in the Govt. of India, Ministry of Personnel and Public Grievances and Pensions ( Department of Personnel and Training) O.M. No. 36012/22/93-Estt. (SCT) dated the 8th September 1993. The Hostels under the scheme will be constructed in States/UTs which have a large OBC population but inadequate hostel facilities. These Hostels will be constructed for middle, secondary, college and university level students. Out of the Hostels to be set up under this Scheme at least one third will be exclusively for girls. Five Percent of the total seats in these Hostels shall be reserved for disabled students. The hostels under the scheme should be constructed at any place where the concerned educational institutions are situated keeping in view the concentrations of OBC population in the particular place/area where the educational facilities are inadequate. These hostels could also be constructed in a particular place/area where quality education is available but residential facilities for the target group is not adequately available which will depend upon the number of students enrolled in that particular institution. Each institution will be provided central assistance for construction of girls/boys hostels for a maximum of 100 seats. The hostels will have built space for residential facilities for students, hostels warden, chowkidar and provision of boundary wall surrounding the campus. The agency concerned will be assisted for construction of such complexes based on State/UT PWD schedule of rates. However, if a State/UT is following CPWD rates also the costs will be worked out on the basis of “whichever is lesser” in the schedule of rates. In the case of States/UTs following CPWD rates only CPWD rates will apply. The agency concerned will be assisted for construction of such facility only after proof of land availability is produced for the particular location and plan and estimates of the building is duly approved by the concerned technical department of State/UT and submitted to the Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment. The local materials would be used as far as possible in order to reduce cost of construction.

The organizations eligible for assistance shall be as follows:-

  • The state Governments and UTs concerned.
  • Institutions or organization set up by Government as autonomous body under statute or as a society under the Registration of Societies Act, 1860 or otherwise.
  • Educational and other institutions owned and controlled by either Central Government/state Govt./UTs.


Under the Scheme 50% central assistance will be given for such construction in such cases the remaining 50% of the construction cost will have to be borne by the concerned State Govt. etc. The budget availability will have to be shown in advance while submitting the proposal for such construction. Under the scheme 100% central assistance will be given to the Central Government Institutions and UTs proposing to set up such hostels. The entire expenditure on procurement of land, staffing and other maintenance and day to day expenditure shall be borne by the State Government/UT concerned. Maintenance of such facilities will be the responsibility of the concerned agency to which such construction grant has been sanctioned. The concerned State Government may also explore the possibility of maintaining such facility through NGO functionaries in case if it is necessary.


The monitoring of the financial and physical performance of the scheme will be done through seeking detailed information from the Agencies implementing the Scheme. On the physical aspects the Agencies implementing the scheme will be required to furnish quarterly progress reports regarding the construction works. Once the hostel is thrown open to the beneficiaries information will be furnished by the Agencies, occupancy wise annually. On the financial side details of actual expenditure incurred out of central assistance, during the last financial year and expenditure proposed for the present financial year will be submitted by the Agencies concerned. The Agencies implementing the scheme will also be insisted upon to submit the latest audited accounts.


The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment many get the scheme evaluated by entrusting a research study to reputed institutions/agencies, on the performance of the Scheme in different parts of the country, under this Ministry’s centrally sponsored Scheme of Research and Training.

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