Legal Aid To Scheduled Castes And Vimukat Jatis

This is a 50:50 sharing basis scheme of Government of India/State Government. This department provides Legal Aid to the member of Scheduled Caste and Vimukat Jatis for defending and Instituting following cases:

  • Criminal cases instituted on Private complaints including security proceeding; under chapter VIII of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898, instituted on such complaints.
  • Cases of ejectment from land and other immovable property.
  • Cases of recovery of rent by Landlords.
  • Cases pertaining to deposit of rent with a Revenue Officer when a landlord refuses to receive or grant a receipt for any rent payable in money when tendered to him or when there is a doubt as to the person entitled to receive rent payable in money.
  • Cases pertaining to correction of Khasra Girdawaries by Land Lords.
  • Cases involving a claim to right of way of usage.
  • Cases involving forcible removal of dung heaps.
  • Cases involving a claim for compensation for harassment caused on account of observance of untouchability denial of drinking water or denial of entry into Temple or hostel etc.
  • Cases involving share of seri, sanjees or seepiders in the agriculture produce.
  • Cases involving a claim for damages under Law of Torts instituted by the husbands or parents or women or girls abducted or enticed away.
  • Cases involving reservation in services either filed by the Scheduled Castes/Vimukatjatis/Tapriwas Employees in the court.

Notifications (11 KB)

The District Welfare Officer is authorized to sanction bill of fees of an advocate up to Rs. 5500/-, Deputy Commissioner is competent to sanction fee over and above Rs. 5500/- as per rates prescribed in the Law manual. The Department issued advertisement every year to enable eligible persons belonging to the aforesaid communities to derive maximum benefit under this scheme. You were also requested earlier to have the scheme widely publicized. However, the people still not coming forward in the adequate number to avail the benefit under this scheme. Consequently, the amount earmarked has not been fully utilized. It is impressed upon you that the scheme by given wide publicity through the field agencies of Public Relations Dept. member of the Bar be also apprised of the facility available for Scheduled Castes and Vimukat Jaties to that they may help the hit to avail of this facility. The voluntary organization may also be involved in this task.