Welfare of Scheduled Caste & Backward Classes Department, Haryana

Incentive for the Village Panchayat for Outstanding Work Done for the Welfare Of Scheduled Castes

This is a 50:50 sharing basis scheme of Government of India/State Government.

The Governor of Haryana is pleased to add the following conditions in the scheme for “Incentive for the village Panchayat for outstanding work done for the welfare of Scheduled Castes” at the end of eligibility conditions as under:

  • SC Villages with highest sex ratio
  • SC Villages with lowest IMR
  • SC Villages with highest literacy rate
  • SC Villages with highest female literacy rate
  • SC Villages.with largest percent ol toilets
  • SC Villages with largest perccnt of clean cooking fuel
  • SC Villages with Iargest percent of bathroorn.
  • SC Villages with largest percent of kitchen.
  • SC Villages with largest percent of drainage of water
  • SC Villages with largest pcrcent of water clean source
  • SC Villages with largest percent of bicycles
  • SC Villages with largest percent of bank account

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