Incentive for the Village Panchayat for Outstanding Work Done for the Welfare Of Scheduled Castes

This is a 50:50 sharing basis scheme of Government of India/State Government. The Governor of Haryana is pleased to add the following conditions in the scheme for “Incentive for the village Panchayat for outstanding work done for the welfare of Scheduled Castes” at the end of eligibility conditions as under:

  1. The village panchayat should have freed from untouchability as reflected from the behavior of the inhabitants.
  1. The Scheduled Castes could be able to use any utensil and other articles kept in any public restaurant, hostel, Dharamshala, Sarai or Musafir Khana, for the use of general public.
  1. The Scheduled Castes have easy excess to all the religious place like Temple/ Guruduwara etc.
  1. The Scheduled Castes have easy excess to all the passage and roads, wells and also to the meadows for their animals.
  1. Any other imaginative/development work of significance done for the welfare of Scheduled Castes specially in the field of education of girls, enforcement of minimum wages, organizing landless labourers and Scheduled Castes for as certain of their rights etc.


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