Welfare of Scheduled Caste & Backward Classes Department, Haryana

Scheme for the Encouragement of Inter-Caste marriage


This is a 50:50 sharing basis scheme of Government of India/State Government.

The object of the scheme is in diminishing caste consciousness among the people and to encourage inter-caste marriages.

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Under this scheme an amount of Rs. 50,000/- (In cash through RTGS in the married couple Joint Account).

Conditions of Eligibility

  • Both the spouses should be citizen of India and one of the spouse should be Scheduled Caste and he/she should be permanent resident of HaryanaState and he/she has not taken any benefit under similar scheme.
  • The grant shall only be given once for the first marriage.
  • A non-scheduled Castes boy who marriage a scheduled Castes girls and vice-versa, the concerned Scheduled Castes bride/bridegroom will be given a cash grant of Rs. 50,000/- in the joint account of married couple.
  • The beneficiary can apply for incentive within one year from the date of marriage.

Procedure of Implementation of Scheme

  • Applications shall be invited by the Director, welfare of Sch. Castes and Backward Classes from the eligible couples by giving wide publicity through news papers and the All India Radio. The application should be supported with a Certificate from District Magistrate in case of Civil Marriage or Certificate from religious institutions/societies/individual performing marriage ceremony. The District Welfare Officers will verify the facts stated in the application and place before the Deputy Commissioner concerned alongwith his recommendations. The Deputy Commissioner will sanction the amount. After the sanction is issued, the District Welfare Officer will draw the amount and disburse/deposit the same in the Joint account of the couple.
  • The claim of incentive for inter-caste marriage will not be claimed as a matter of right.
  • The expenditure involved may be debited under head, 2225-Social Security and Welfare-C-Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other backward Classes-Incentive for their inter-caste marriage (Plan).
  • This issue with the concurrence of Finance Dept. conveyed vides his U.O.No. 13/52/94-1 FG-II/1690, dated 29/08/06.
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